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The Mastretta MXT is a powerful machine designed to deliver outstanding performance through mechanical excellence. This requires the use of bespoke materials and components, and a construction process that blends advanced technology with careful craftsmanship.

From the construction of the aluminium chassis to the delicate finish of the composite body, Mastretta employs high quality manufacturing techniques that transform concept into reality.

With a complete design and engineering package that is entirely new and developed in house, the MXT has 1,800 separate purpose-built parts that fit together with utmost precision. The chassis is made from laser-cut aluminium sheets and extrusions that are bonded together with aerospace adhesive, complemented with a structural carbon-fiber floor and chromoly roll cage. As a result, the chassis is outstandingly light and rigid while the cockpit is very safe.

As the chassis is being manufactured, other departments fabricate all mechanical components and sub-assemblies, such as the hand-made suspension, engine structure, fuel tank and body panels. All parts undertake quality control testing before arriving at the assembly area, where the car is finally put together. Employing clever solutions that remain true to the purity of design, the MXT uses only high quality components from specialized manufacturers such as custom-made braking systems and a turbocharged 2.0 engine, which fit seamlessly with the rest of the package.