Mastretta presents the MXT to the Mexican market

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 19 / 11 / 2010

Mastretta Cars generated a great deal of excitement and enthusiasm when the company lifted the curtains to reveal the Mastretta MXT for the first time to the Mexican market in the most elegant of ways, with spectacular demonstration videos of the Mastretta MXT, live runway shows, and three cars showcasing the design and construction quality of Mastretta Cars.

Carlos and Daniel Mastretta presented the production version of the high-performance sports car to the press and more than 600 car enthusiasts, as well as details of production and marketing for national and international markets. The Mastretta MXT is unveiled as a substantial vehicle, a machine with a large base of engineering and design ready to compete in the demanding global market of niche automobiles.

As Daniel Mastretta mentioned in the press conference, "Creating a visually appealing car is the first step, and we think our car meets these expectations of emotional nature, but more important is what lies beneath the bodywork - this is where we demonstrate that our team is capable of producing a car with exceptional performance characteristics. The MXT is an exciting blend of beauty and technology, power and lifestyle. Our future begins today."

The General Manager, Carlos Mastretta, covered the history of the company stating that they have worked for 22 years designing and manufacturing public transportation vehicles, electric vehicles and made-to-order cars for customers of various countries. He explained that production volume for the first year will be 100 units, gradually increasing production to 400 and 500 units in the third and fourth year.

Carlos Mastretta added, "Today is an extraordinary day for us. We present to our clients and friends what has been our desire for many years and we want to accomplish, primarily, with a great product. A Mexican product that fills us with pride for its origin, but more than that because it makes its customers happy. This is a car with true sportscar character that will make owners proud for its quality, performance and driving excitement, the values of our brand."