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 22 / 11 / 2011

The 2012 Mastretta MXT has been catalogued by Road & Track as one of the 10 best cars in display at the LA Auto Show. This mirrors the excellent reception the MXT has received from the Southern California public who has shown a lot of enthusiasm and surprise after seeing the car ‘in the metal’.

Mastretta Cars is showcasing a bright yellow 2012 model along with a stripped-down chassis, which allows for clear view and understanding of the technology behind the car and its performance. The aluminum and carbon fiber chassis, the finely tuned and adjustable suspension, the quality of manufacture and assembly, every detail is easily witnessed in a very engaging and direct way.

Daniel Mastretta, Technical Director of Mastretta Cars, said: “I have been a big fan of Road & Track for many years now, and before coming to the LA show I was sure we were going to get quite a bit of attention from the specialized press, but having the MXT named one of the top 10 cars of the show by this magazine is really special and very positive start to our venture as a brand in the United States. There couldn’t be a better welcome. Although, as it is a driver’s car we look forward to hand it over to the media and get written opinions on the driving. That’s what it’s all about."

With a base price of $59,900.00 (USD), the MXT is scheduled to begin deliveries for US customers in mid-2012. The LA Auto Show will run until the 28th of November.

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