Mastretta Cars presents the 2011 Mastretta MXT

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 01 / 10 / 2010


Paris, France, 30 September 2010 – Mastretta Cars, the new sports car manufacturer from Mexico, is proud to unveil today the production version of the Mastretta MXT, the prototype of which was shown at London in 2008.

Daniel Mastretta, Mastretta Cars’ Chief Designer, commented on the occasion of the unveiling: “After presenting the MXT prototype at London in 2008, we knew the project and the car had great potential. This time we want to make clear that we can take the project to the next step, by presenting a final specification vehicle that we developed from scratch. Within two years not only did we transform that prototype into the vehicle we show here today, but we prepared it to be a car that we can produce and bring to the automotive world at the price we targeted, with the features that we targeted”.

On the outside, the production-spec Mastretta MXT looks quite similar to the ‘Prototype Zero’, with only a few changes on the body that were a result of design and technical evolution. But there is not one single component in this new car that was carried over from the prototype, with the aluminum and carbon fiber chassis standing out as the most attractive technical feature. Final gross weight without fluids is 930kg. The powerplant is a turbocharged 2.0 liter Duratec putting out 250hp and 250lb/ft of torque. The first cars are being built now with customer production and deliveries starting in March 2011. Mastretta Cars also launched its new official website, with all the information on the Mastretta MXT, news, press articles, and images.