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Exterior Design

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Aug 16, 2010 - 9:48:04 AM

Overall, the MXT has a very compact appearance. It sits low and broad on the road. From every angle the proportions of the car have a great balance. The main lines were influenced by features that define the modern high-performance vehicle: low height, two seats and a mid-engine configuration; creating the ideal layout for optimal handling response and stability. Proportions of the wheelbase, width, minimal overhangs, and height give the Mastretta MXT a stunning presence, while simultaneously suggesting lightness and speed.

The final shape of the car was dictated by the principles of aerodynamics. The flowing line that travels along the center of the car, starting with the low nose through to the rear spoiler, channels the air in a very clean way while generating enough downforce to give the MXT agility and balance at low and high speeds. Large side scoops provide breathing and cooling for the turbocharged engine. The flat aluminium underbody also plays an important part as it directs the air to the rear diffuser, not only avoiding lift but enhancing rear stability, essential features for the performance driver.

Components and details that form part of the exterior design enhance the beauty of the basic shape. The style of the headlights, painted in a contrasting color to the body, seamlessly follows the overall design. The side windows are frameless. The single exhaust system is elegantly housed in the center of the diffuser. Laser-cut lettering adorn the Mastretta name on the rear bumper and the MXT denomination on its sides.

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