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Where can I order a Mastretta MXT?

We are starting to build a dealer network that will bring the MXT to Europe, the USA, and Latin America. However, the car is already available for purchase directly from our website. We can ship the MXT to any location worldwide.

When can I get my car delivered?

The delivery date depends on the size of the wait list. Please ask for more information about current lead time for delivery.

How can I test a Mastretta?

If you would like to get a closer look at the MXT and book a test drive, please contact us. Currently test drives are only available in Mexico.

Where can I send my car for service?

Every distributor will have warranty and repair services.

Does the MXT come with a warranty?

The car comes with a full coverage guarantee of one year, and 2 years
in parts manufactured by Mastretta.

Is it available in right hand drive?

Yes. We build right hand drive cars for customers in Japan, the UK, and Australia.

I live in the USA. Is the Mastretta MXT easy to register?

The Mastretta MXT will be available in the USA in the form of a component car. The time to complete the registration process depends on each state's legislation, but it is usually a pretty straightforward process and Mastretta Cars will provide you all the necessary assistance to get it done.